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A few Before and After Stories from 2009
more to come
Albie before and after


Abandoned at the shelter at just 9 weeks old Albie cried out from the cage to be saved. Even though we were there to pick up another, we could not leave him behind. He was so terrified, and as soon as he was let out of the cage he crawled into our arms to be held. Now in a safe home where he is absolutely worshipped, Albie will never have to feel that kind of fear again.




A good samaritan contacted A Dog's Life Rescue when he noticed there was a dog living in a crawl space under his apartment building. This poor boy was living off of berries and scraps (which is how he got the name Berrie). The good samaritan said he thinks Berrie had been there for a couple of months and was probably dumped by a neighbor when they moved. He started feeding Berrie and gaining his trust, but Berrie was so terrified of people that it took us two weeks to catch him. He was emaciated and had sores from his living condition. What a change in fate for this dog thanks to everyone believing in him. Now Berry is in a fantastic home where everyday he is learning to trust people more and more. He even gets to vacation on a private beach!

Berrie before and after



Bohdhi before and after


Bodhi was given up when his family moved into an apartment that would not allow them to keep him. He was so grief stricken that he would not even eat the first week. It was heartbreaking, but he was so sweet and offered kisses even as he trembled with fear not understanding where his family had gone. With time and a lot of TLC joy started to come back into Bodhi's life again and he has now completely blossomed. He is such a character and just wants to love everyone. Bodhi is still looking for his foreveer home. So if interested in adopting this loving boy please contact us.




Duncan came into our rescue when his owner brought him to our adoption event asking for us to save him. He was very sick, had not eaten for 5 days and could barely hold his head up. Her uncle had bred his dogs to sell these "cute little babies", but no one in the family had the money to actually treat them when they got sick. We rushed him to our vet right away to confirm what we already suspected. He was stricken with Parvo. Our vets started him on aggressive treatment right away and one week later this little 2 pounder turned into a survivor! He's now an exuberant, expressive puppy looking for his forever home.


Duncan before and after



Mika before and after


A Dog’s Life Rescue has had many successes in 2009 but one of our greatest stories is that of Mika.  A Dog’s Life Rescue took in Mika when she was just 2 weeks old.  Mika was paralyzed from the waist down and our vets didn’t think she would survive.  But this little girl was fighting so we fought with her and every day she got stronger and bigger.  Before we knew it, this amazing little girl was hopping around the house and racing around the dog parks in her cart.

We loved and cared for Mika for 13 months until we were contacted by an amazing woman, Ann, wanting to give our special girl a forever home. See photos of Mika with her new family.




Piper was rescued off of the streets in South Los Angeles where she was scavenging for food to survive. A good samaritan started leaving food for her and contacted us to ask that we help this little one. Even though she loves to cuddle with people she trusts she is and may always be a shy girl and mistrustful of strangers. Fortunately a wonderful woman came along who decided to give Piper the chance she deserves and their relations ship has blossomed. From alley way to poolside service Piper is living a life full of love and comfort now.


Piper before and after