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Fall in love with a new pup

Best roommate ever!


Spike loves a social life but is more than willing to be the best couch potato as well. He can easily gather the energy for a good hike or can hang at the local coffee shop. He's sweet, smart, affectionate and just the right amount of protective in case you need it in this crazy city.

At A Dog's Life we focus on making a great match between the animal in need and adopters looking for a new companion. The thing with Spike is that he can be a match for so many because he really loves just doing what everyone else wants to do. He's a go with the flow guy. In his life before ADLR he was neglected and made to live secluded in a yard full of garbage. Yet he's house trained, social with people and other dogs and an incredibly polite roommate. We would love to see him in a home with another playful dog but he would be okay as well soaking up all the attention himself. If interested in meeting this adorable, charming boy contact

Why we Rescue

We do what we do because of our great love for animals. It's a community effort though and we at A Dog's Life Rescue could not make the difference we make without the help of our adopters, fosters, donors and incredible volunteers. Thank you to all of you! Please check out this video for a glimpse of some of the lives you have helped us save.


Check out some of the recent attention ADLR has been getting in the media!

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Valor's Story

Meet Valor, one of our recent street rescues! To watch his inspiring story of survival click here

Live News Stream

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